im Mette (søs), im 21 and i live in Denmark with my ataata and anaana, my bro and my 6 cats. I am not a hipster blog, i reblog what i want and what i feel.
By the way, yeah i love One Direction and yeah i like the music, so fuck you :)) xxx

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Gooooooood morningggg 😀

Gooooooood morningggg 😀

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"My problem was that no one ever needed me as much as I needed them."

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The strange collection of fused porcelain, artist Livia Marin

An artist has reshaped service porcelain teapots and cups by giving them a molten appearance … all without damaging or changing the patterns inscribed on objects! Discover a collection of weird and wonderful porcelain.

Born in Chile, Livia Marin , imagine a whole new world for cups and teapots in his series of ceramic Nomad Patterns. The artist deflected by making ceramic bathing, a very surreal way, in flasks covered and sagging patterns. A fabulous clash between tradition and modernity.

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Abaraka rainbow moth plugs.


Abaraka rainbow moth plugs.

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those feelings when you want a relationship

but you don’t

but you do

but you don’t

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"Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I’m drowning."

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